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Some suggestions


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Apr 25, 2019
Heyo peeps, I would like to suggest a few things:

  • Allow us to talk in the suggestions channel on Discord.
Recently the suggestions channel on Discord was added back in, although it's just a link to the forum suggestions section.
I think it would be great if the suggestions were added back in for a few reasons:
First of all, most people liked being able to suggest ideas on discord, such as myself - I found it a lot easier and quicker to suggest ideas on discord instead of writing a whole forum post. Many people were also annoyed when it was removed. What if we had an idea that just popped into our head and we wanted to suggest it? What if the forums were down or unavailable due to say, a host issue?

The other thing I would like to suggest is being able to do paypal deals again, but with some limits:
  • Each player can only sell up to $20 a month worth of ingame money
  • The rate is lower than the rate for ingame to store deals (Maybe 250k per USD)
  • Players must have at least 60 hours of playtime in order to sell their ingame money for paypal funds.
I believe adding paypal deals back to the server would be good if it followed these guidelines. If the amount that you could sell was fairly limited, in addition to the lower rate, it would make paypal deals less desireable compared to ingame-rank deals, but it wouldn't completely remove them outright, nor would it detract too much from the server. As for the part about playtime, I feel as though this would be a good idea in order to possibly prevent scams, and by then players might have built up a reputation within the community. I also believe this would help some richer players get rid of their money or have something else to spend it on besides ingame items, instead of just having millions sat around with no use for it. If it were to be brought back under those guidelines that I have suggested above, it would mean players could sell up to 40m of their ingame balance each month (I think I did the maths right there?)

TLDR; bring back suggestions on discord as well as paypal deals but with strict limits


Nov 16, 2018
Thanks for the suggestion @Merilaux! =) I'm personally still not a fan of PayPal deals. Even with the restriction of 60 hours of playtime for selling in game money, scams aren't eradicated. Additionally, if new players see that others (who have 60+ hrs of playtime) are doing PayPal deals, they may assume they are allowed to do so as well. By the time we realize that new player is doing deals, multiple deals could've already taken place. Also, the restriction of $20/month would be incredibly hard to keep track in my opinion. Staff can't keep track of every irl deal that occurs; therefore, we can't really know whether or not a seller has exceeded this limit. The rule could also be easily bypassed by using a friend's account or an alt.

In addition: With a $20/month cap and a 250k/1USD exchange rate, players could sell up to $5M each month, not $40M. In order to sell $40M each month, the monthly cap would have to be $160.

I look forward to seeing the community's response on this :) However, I am still largely against the idea.