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Suggestion - Ability to Set Custom Plots


New Member
Jun 12, 2019
Dear Getblock and Admin Team,

I really have appreciated the attention admins and server staff have put into players on this server. You guys are doing such a great job. I just have one suggestion that will expand creativity for town design and make town management easier.

I would like to be able to set custom plots in towns. This would entail selecting two points to set the boundaries of a plot that may be separate from the boundaries of a typical chunk. Then, town admins could assign that custom plot to town residents.

One optional feature can also include the ability to customize the height of the chunk, preventing town residents from building too high or too far below ground. This would be helpful, but not essential to the benefit of this addition.
One potential problem with this suggestion that comes to mind is chunk rollback. Since most plugins control rollback by chunks, if server admins would like to rollback a plot, the server would need to ability to rollback a customized area. This is a popular feature of most rollback plugins, but I am unsure if ApeIronMC has that capability.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this suggestion,
SkiMan314 (In-Game Name)

P.S. The new helpers on the server, ImRiot and ToyReaper have been really great. They both have already helped me out a ton and taught me a lot of new features even I didn't know about. Thanks for picking great people.