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The World Map of Kingdoms.


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Nov 6, 2018
Ok... so we all know that a complete version of a map of the Kingdoms world does not exist.

Which is why I am starting up a Huge Community-Driven Project to get this done. I think that if we can get enough people and enough manpower involved to make this a reality, it can be done. I also know that my people rise to face a challenge, and I know that this entire Community would not only benefit from:
A: A complete Map of Kingdoms World
B: The Closeness it brings the Community (Aka Friendships)
C: The Community-Driven Reward for a combination of Teamwork and Accomplishment

I think that if we can all come together and work as a Community... as one group, we can accomplish this unthought of challenge. I'm not asking for us to all come together as one town. But instead, let us all come together as 1 Community that is going to Complete a World Map of the Kingdoms Dimension.

Think about the endless possibilities it could open up for in the server... given enough time, it can be an amazing accomplishment, that not just this group or that group achieved, but ALL of us... The Community of Apeiron.

That is why I am calling upon you, the members of Our Community, to come on Saturday, March 16 at 2pm CST (US) to a Conference at the ./e home Emerald_Republic.

This Project is being Spearheaded by a fully devoted mapping team that is going to work with some of the top Nations that have formed in the recent weeks to help our Community. On Saturday, you will get to meet these Delegations, these Leaders, these Peoples, these Towns, Cities, Groups that all are unique in their own way... but will come together to help their server. Personally, that's why the Emerald Republic exists... to help stuff like this be accomplished. But, in a larger sense, when we come together as a Community and step up to a challenge that nobody ever thought would be done this soon by players' hands... only then will we know that WE CAN and WE WILL be able to accomplish any extreme or overwhelming or Crazily-Insane task.

I call upon the people of Apeiron's Community, let's Come together and get this done.

Imagine a building that is recognized as the Community's Dedication to the Server and to your Towns and Kingdoms and Nations, to then walk into said building and be walking on the World's Map. Not only would that be amazingly cool, but it would also show the dedication of this Community and it's Commitment to this Server.

The possibilities are endless... for all we know, this building could one day represent a sort-of United Nations, where Nation Leaders can spearhead more of these projects... If we start with a map, who knows where that will lead us... but if we start with cooperation, We Will always have a plan and a way to thrive and make Apeiron into the Beacon of Hope that is there to represent tomorrow's Future.

Don't Forget, Saturday, March 16th, 2pm CST (US)… ./e home Emerald_Republic
Several Nations, Towns, and Individuals have already stepped forward to help in this massive but well-rewarded undertaking...
Let me ask you: Will you Step up and help in this Project to bring our Community Closer as one so that we can move forward and become even closer in the near future?

I'm your Friendly Neighborhood Bamaguy… Representing the Emerald Republic and Other Groups on this matter... Thank you for your time if you've read the entire post. PLEASE leave comments on what you think about this. Thank you and Good Day/Night. :D