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Resource Reset
Resource is now 10k radius (20k diameter).

McMMo Update
McMMo had been giving us a lot of bugs lately as such i've decided to do a big push on this new overhaul update, this update should eliminate most of our current issues. Please do mind that the original author of McMMo have been working on this non-stop for past 2 months and it is bound to "new" bugs. Please report them on #bug-reports if you stumble upon one.

Enhanced Chat
You are able to tag players in game by just adding @ infront of there name. eg: @Getblock. This will send a noteblock sound through their mc client. You may turn this off by doing `/notify off`

/s perms
Be able to choose what commands that a settlement rank can use

Upkeep Changes
As the level of your settlement goes higher, your per claim upkeep lower. Currently, leveling through village will deduct it by $10 while leveling through kingdom will deduct by $20.
e.g: Kingdom level 10 per claim upkeep is $260

Super Droppers
By shift left clicking a dropper, you will enable the super dropper. This will drop 1 whole type of item per tick.

- /s active: Be able to check who's active in your settlement
- Possible fix when settlement falls and chest are still lock
- Rework on coloring of /s help
- /s donate <settlement>: You are now able to add money to someone's settlement bank without being in it
- When messaging an AFK player, it will now notify you of their status
- Added Weather and Time perks in empire shop
- List of residents in /s show will now cut off from 40 members
- /msgtoggle: Be able to toggle private messaging
- Added more information on Empire scoreboard

What we are currently still working on:
#1 Adding tab completion to most of the commands such as /tpa, /tpahere, /home and other commonly used ones.

#2 Elevator fix, we are potentially removing all the glitch that our elevator plugin currently has and is still working on that

#3 Adding someone on your plot without having to friend them

#4 Be able to make a chestshop for your settlement

#5 Be able to add someone on your chestshop for access

#6 Griefing Notification around the settlement claims
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