Getting Started:

Welcome to ApeironMC! This survival-based server will allow you to enjoy the fun aspects of survival and town-building! You’ll be able to join or start a town, and work towards making it the greatest kingdom around without the fear of your stuff getting lost or stolen! Don’t forget to read the /rules! To see all settlement commands, type /settlement help, or /s help for short.

To protect your items, you’ll want to create or join a Settlement. To create a Settlement, you will need $100,000. Once you have the money, simply type /s create <settlement name>. To claim a land, Type /s claim while standing in the desired chunk. All chunks must be connected to another chunk that is claimed by your settlement. Use /s map to see what chunks your Settlement has claimed. For more information on your town, such as upkeep, claims, members, and more, do /s info.

If you do not want to create a settlement, you can join one instead! By typing /s list open, you can see public towns that are open for anyone to join! Use /s join <settlement> to join. If a player invites you to a settlement, you can click on the message prompt to accept their invitation. One you are in a town, your things are protected from outsiders within the claimed area. However, if you want extra security, you can use /lock to lock your chests from other town members. To chat with fellow settlement members, use /s chat, or /sc for short. You can also teleport to your settlement’s spawn with /s home.

What are Chunks?

Chunks are 16 x 16 sections of the Minecraft world with a height of 256 blocks, reaching from bedrock level to the build limit. You can see chunk borders by doing f3 + G on your keyboard. For Mac users, you will need to use fn + f3 + g.

Settlement Upkeep and Taxes:

Upkeep is a daily fee that is automatically removed from a Settlement’s bank at 12:00 a.m. EST. To check upkeep information, do /s upkeep. To manage your Settlement’s bank balance, use the commands listed below:

Settlement members will individually pay taxes at 12:00 a.m. EST. Taxes are automatically removed from a player’s balance and added to the town bank.

Bank Commands:

  • /s bank deposit <amount> - Deposit money into the settlement bank.
  • /s bank withdraw <amount> - Take money from the settlement bank.
  • /s bank balance - Check the settlement bank’s balance.
  • /s tax - Shows the tax a member needs to pay each day.
  • /s tax set <amount> - Sets the tax for all players in the settlement.
  • /s joinfee set - Set the fee a player needs to pay to join.
  • /s donate <settlement> - Deposit money into another settlement’s bank.
If you are unable to afford your upkeep, your Settlement level will be downgraded by one level each day until it reaches level 0. (All new settlements begin at level one.) Upon reaching level 0, your town will fall and all claims will disappear, leaving it open for others to raid. If a player fails to pay the settlement’s taxes, they will be automatically banished from the settlement.

Settlement Settings:

Settlement owners can change various settings with /s settings. These options will then appear:

  • Access - Allow/Disallow certain player types from teleporting to the settlement.
  • Mode - Togglable settings for PvP, Mob Spawning, Firespread, Explosions, & Buffs.
  • Build - Allow/Disallow certain player types from building on claimed plots.
  • Use - Allow/Disallow certain player types from accessing/using a variety of items/blocks (ie. Beacons).

  • Private - Plot owner only
  • Members - All Settlement members
  • Officers - Settlement officers only
  • Friends - Friends of plot owner
  • Allies - Settlement members and Allies
  • Trusted - Settlement members, allies, and friends

Plot Settings:

Similar to /s settings, plot owners can change various settings with /s plot settings while standing in the plot. These options will then appear:

  • Mode - Togglable settings for PvP, Mob Spawning, Firespread, Explosions, & Buffs.
  • Build - Allow/Disallow certain players from building on your plot.
  • Use - Allow/Disallow certain player types from accessing/using a variety of items/blocks (ie. Beacons).
  • Link - If a player owns multiple plots, this will link all permissions to the plot the player is standing on.

Settlement Levels & Upgrading:

There are 15 total levels a player can upgrade their settlement to. When a player first creates a settlement, it will start off as level one. To upgrade a settlement, players deposit the materials necessary to reach the next upgrade. To see what materials are needed, use /s materials, or /s mat for short. To deposit the materials gathered, do /s deposit or /s dep for short. Every level of upgrade will decrease upkeep and increase total available claims. At level 5, the settlement becomes a kingdom, giving it access to purchasable kingdom buffs through /s shop. Buffs are provided to players who are standing within the settlement claim.

  • Level One: Granted upon creation of the settlement. Upkeep is $500 per claim, per day. An increase in settlement level will subtract $10 from the daily upkeep. Max claims: 25
  • Level Five: The settlement is upgraded to a Kingdom. Upkeep is $460 per claim, per day. An increase in settlement level will now subtract $20 from the daily upkeep. Max Claims: 100
  • Level Ten: Highest level achieved. Upkeep is $260 per claim, per day. Max Claims: 1,000

Settlement Ranks:

To give ranks to a player, do /s setrank <player> <rank>. You can customize the permissions of each rank with /s perms. Settlement ranks include the following:

  • Chief - Settlement owner. Has access to all commands. (/s help chief)
  • Assistant - Has access to most commands. (/s help assistant)
  • Elder - Has access to some commands. (/s help elder)
  • Builder - Can build on town claims.
  • Recruiter - Can invite players.


Usually, chunks can only be claimed if they are adjacent to another chunk already claimed by the town. However, outposts are chunks claimed outside of the original settlement. Players ranked Elder and Chief are able to create outposts with /s outpost claim <name>. Players can then start claiming around the outpost chunk with /s claim.

    Other Outpost Commands:
  • /s outpost tp <name> - Teleport to the outpost.
  • /s outpost list - See list of the town’s outposts.
  • /s outpost sethome - Change the home of the outpost.
  • /s outpost unclaim - Unclaims the outpost.


Players ranked Elder and Chief are able to ally a town or empire by using /s ally <name>. This allows players of both towns to communicate with /ally chat. Settlement owners can change town settings to give allies certain permissions. Typically, towns are unable to claim within 4 chunks of each other. Allied towns are able to bypass this with /s allyclaim.

    Other Ally Commands:
  • /s unally <name> - Removes an empire/settlement as an ally.
  • /s allies - Lists all allies.


Banishing a player will disallow them from entering your settlement. This is useful for keeping mean players out!
Note: Settlement members that fail to pay taxes will automatically be banished from the settlement.

Banish Commands:

  • /s banish <name> - Banish a player from the settlement.
  • /s unbanish <name> - Unbanish a player from the settlement.
  • /s banished - Lists all banished players.


When a town falls, all of its claims will be lost, allowing players to raid it. Players will be unable to claim a fallen town for the first 2 hours after it falls. This is so all players have a fair chance at raiding, rather than one person claiming the raid as an outpost and locking all others out.

Players are allowed to raid all unclaimed structures in the wild. However, there are a few rules to follow.

  • Players may not raid within a settlement’s claims, even if they are a member of that town. Use either /s here or /s map to see if there is a settlement at the location.
  • When raiding, players should avoid excessively damaging the surrounding landscape.

Taming a Pet with MyPet

To tame a mob using the MyPet plugin, there are certain conditions that have to be first met.

  • You should have no other pet active. If there is, store it in your pet storage with /petstore
  • The mob that you want to tame must be killed with a lead in your main hand. You can use other items to damage the mob first, but the killing blow must be with a lead.
  • Mobs that are tameable by default in vanilla Minecraft must be tamed with the vanilla method first before taming it with a lead.
  • The following mobs are not tameable:
    • Shulker
    • Ghast
    • EnderDragon
    • Wither
    • Wither Skeleton
  • The limit of how many pets you can own at once is shown in /rank.
When all these conditions are met, you have to kill the mob using a lead in hand

Useful Commands

/petstore - Put your pet into storage.
/petswitch - Retrieve a pet from your storage.
/petcall - Teleports an active pet to you.
/petbehavior <behavior> - Toggles pet behavior.
/petbeacon - Edit active pet beacon effects.
/petinfo - Gives information on the active pet, including level, experience, hunger, and food.

Pet Skill Trees

Pets tamed with MyPet can have skill trees that provide them with special abilities that benefit the player. The following skill trees are available:

  • Pvp - Pets with the pvp skill tree excel in melee combat.
  • Utility - Utility pets have an expanded inventory and provide buffs like Haste.
  • Combat - Pets with the combat skill tree excel at ranged combat.
  • Farm - Pets with the farm skill tree provide buffs during grinding.
  • Ride - Pets with the ride skill tree provide defensive and movement buffs.

Leveling up Pets

Once a pet has obtained a skill tree, it must be leveled up in order to obtain and grows its abilities. Pets can level up in one of two ways:

  • While the pet is active, manually kill mobs.
  • If the pet is of the pvp or combat skill tree, let it kill mobs on its own while its behavior is set to aggressive.

Feeding Pets

Pets that are active will gradually have their hunger depleted. When a pet’s hunger is depleted, it will gradually lose hit points until it remains at 1 hit point. To see a pet’s hunger level and the food that is required to feed it, do /petinfo. Feeding a pet will not only replenish the pet’s hunger levels, but also heal it.

Pet Behavior

All pets have access to 5 basic behavior settings, which can be toggled using /petbehavior <behavior>. All pet behavior unlocks at level 1.

  • Friendly mode (Pet will not attack.)
  • Aggressive mode (Pet will attack anything within a 15 block radius.)
  • Farm mode (Pet will attack every monster within 15 blocks of the owner.)
  • Duel mode (Pet will be able to fight other MyPet pets.)
  • Raid mode (Pet will attack things only when you get attacked.)
Additionally, pet movement can be controlled by default at level 1 by right clicking using a lead.

Pet Beacons

As pets level up, they will gain access to beacon effects, which provide buffs. These effects can be toggled to affect either only the owner or any surrounding players.

  • Level 50: Pet unlocks Level 1 Buffs. Buffs will last 10 seconds by default, but will refresh continuously as long as the player is within a 5 block radius. Pets are only able to keep one buff active.
  • Level 100: Level 1 Buffs pets obtained at Level 50 are now upgraded to Level 2. Pet beacon is now active within a 10 block radius for 20 seconds and can 2 active at a time.
  • Each ability tree has its individual buffs:
    • Pvp - Resistance, Strength, Fire Resistance (unlocks at level 100)
    • Utility - Haste, Speed
    • Combat - Absorption, Regeneration, Fire Resistance
    • Farm - Luck, Speed
    • Ride - Jump Boost, Resistance, Speed

Tree-Specific Abilities:

PvP Tree

These pets are best suited to fight mobs along with other pets.

  • PvP Damage
    • Level 1 does 1 damage
    • Level 25 does 2 damage
    • Level 50 does 4 damage
    • Level 75 does 5 damage
    • Level 100 does 7 damage
  • Lightning unlocks
    • Level 1 has a 2% chance and 1 damage
    • Level 25 has a 4% chance and 1.5 damage
    • Level 50 has a 7% chance and 2 damage
    • Level 75 has 10% chance and 3 damage
    • Level 100 has 13% chance and 6 damage
  • Slow unlocks
    • Level 1 has a 10% chance and 1 second duration
    • Level 25 has a 15% chance and 2 second duration
    • Level 50 has a 30% chance and 3 second duration
    • Level 75 has 40% chance and 5 second duration
    • Level 100 has 50% chance and 5 second duration
  • Thorns unlocks
    • Level 1 has a 10% chance and 10% reflection
    • Level 25 has a 20% chance and 20% reflection
    • Level 50 has a 30% chance and 30% reflection
    • Level 75 has 40% chance and 40% reflection
    • Level 100 has 50% chance and 50% reflection
  • Wither unlocks
    • Level 1 has a 10% chance and 1 second duration
    • Level 25 has a 20% chance and 2 second duration
    • Level 50 has a 30% chance and 3 second duration
    • Level 75 has 40% chance and 4 second duration
    • Level 100 has 50% chance and 5 second duration

Utility Tree

These pets that are used for their additional inventory and pickup abilities.

  • Backpack unlocks 9 slots of inventory at level 10
    • Levels 1, 25, 35, 65, 85, 100
    • At level 100, pet will obtain a full double chest of inventory. Pet will not drop inventory upon death.
  • Pickup unlocks
    • Level 50 and will pickup up entities within a 10 block range of pet
    • Level 100 the range is 15 blocks.

Combat Tree

These pets are long ranged and second best in pvp pets but give owners buffs..

  • Knockback unlocks
    • Level 50 has 25% chance
    • Level 100 has 50% chance
  • Poison unlocks
    • Level 50 has a 25% chance and lasts for 2 seconds
    • Level 100 has a 50% chance and last for 2 seconds
  • Ranged Combat skill unlocked at level 1 do 1 damage and shoot egg projectile
    • Level 25 does 2 damage and shoot snowball projectile
    • Level 50 does 2 damage and shoots fireball projectile
    • Level 75 does 3 damage and shoots wither skull
    • Level 100 does 5 damage and shoots dragon fireball

Farm Tree

These pets are good for providing owners with buffs during mob farming.

  • Fire unlocks
    • level 1 with a 10% chance lasting for 1 second
    • level 25 has 15% chance and lasts for 1 second
    • level 50 has a 25% chance and lasts 2 seconds
    • level 75 has a 30% chance and lasts for 3 seconds
    • level 100 has a 45% chance and lasts for 5 seconds
  • Heal unlocks
    • level 1 with it adding +1 health when it heals
    • level 25 heal every 1 second with +2 health
    • level 50 heal every 1 second with 3 health
    • level 75 heal every 2 second with 4 health
    • level 100 heal every 3 seconds with 5 health
  • Life unlocks
    • level 1 gives 1 extra health
    • level 25 gives 1.5 extra health
    • level 50 gives 2 extra health
    • level 75 gives 2.5 health
    • level 100 gives three extra health

Ride Tree

These pets are best suited to running away and protecting riders.

  • Backpack unlocks
    • level 50 and can store 9 slots of item
    • level 100 can store 18 slots of items
  • Ride unlocks at level 1 and 2% ride speed and 2 block jump height pets can not fly
  • Shield unlocks
    • level 25 with a 10% chance and 10% redirect chance
    • level 50 with a 20% chance and a 20% redirect chance
    • level 75 with a 35% chance and 35% redirect chance
    • level 100 with a 50% chance and 50% redirect chance
  • Sprint unlocks at level 100
  • Stomp unlocks
    • Level 50 has a 25% chance with 3 damage
    • level 100 has a 50% chance with 5 damage

Refinement System

The refinement system is a way for players to further improve their gear. Upgrades to gear can be performed using the following items:

  • Rough Adamantine/Mithril (Gold/Iron nugget with lore) - used for crafting normal Adamantine/Mithril
  • Adamantine (Gold ingot with lore)) - used to upgrade armors
  • Mithril (Iron Ingot with lore) - used to upgrade weapons
  • Enriched Adamantine/Mithril (Enchanted gold/iron Ingots) - will have an additional 10% chance in refining success

How to obtain refining materials

Rough Adamantine and Mithril is obtainable from mining naturally spawned ores and stone. Rough Adamantine and Mithril will not drop if blocks are mined with silk touch.

  • Rough Adamantine/Mithril drops from ores with 0.35% chance
  • Rough Adamantine/Mithril drops from stones with 0.2% chance
  • Below is an image of how to craft an Adamantine or Mithril

Adamantine and Mithril needed for refining must be crafted using their Rough counterparts.
  • 9x Rough Adamantine/Mithril is needed to make standard Adamantine/Mithril
  • 9x normal Adamantine/Mithril is needed to craft Enriched Adamantine/Mithril


To refine gear, simply use the /refine command, which will display a GUI. To refine, simply place the desired piece of equipment and respective refining metal (Adamantine for armor, and Mithril for tools/weapons) into the GUI. The cost to refine is 1x Mithril/Adamantine and an amount of in-game money. Each level of refinement has a successful refinement rate. At higher levels, the chances for a successful refinement goes down. The rates of successful refinement per level are as follows:

    Below is an image of how refine armors/weapons

  • +1 ~ +3 = 100% refine rate
  • +4 ~ +5 = 65% refine rate
  • +6 ~ +8 = 35% refine rate
  • +9 ~ +10 = 17% refine rate
Despite the chances of a successful refinement lowering at higher levels of refinement, prestiging in the Blacksmith job will give you an extra chance for refinement per prestige level. This provides a potential 12% increase in refinement success given that a player has prestiged three times.

However, failing to successfully refine will either:

  • Downgrade the equipment (60% chance)
  • Destroy the equipment (40% chance)

The improvements for weapons that are granted by a successful refinement are as follows:

  • Every +1 upgrade at +1 ~ +4 increases Attack by 0.8
  • Every +1 upgrade at +5 ~ +7 increases Attack by 2.4
  • Every +1 upgrade at +8 ~ +10 increases Attack by 4.0

The improvements for armor that is granted by a successful refinement are as follows:

  • Every +1 upgrade at +1 ~ +4 increases DEF by 0.3.
  • Every +1 upgrade at +5 ~ +8 increases DEF by 0.6.
  • Every +1 upgrade at +9 ~ +10 increases DEF by 1.0.

Jobs Prestige:

Leveling a job to level 75 will give players an option to unlock prestige abilities for that particular job. Prestiging in a job will provide players with a permanent perk that can be useable even if that job is no longer kept. Each job was three prestige levels. Each prestige level requires the player to have that job at level 75, along with a monetary cost. The monetary cost by level for prestiging jobs are outlined below:

  • Prestige level 1: $3,000,000
  • Prestige level 2: $5,000,000
  • Prestige level 3: $7,000,000
To access the Jobs Prestige menu, use the command /prestige. However, be advised that prestiging in a job will reset its level back to 1. Most prestige commands are toggleable, which only need to be typed once to activate, and typed again to deactivate.

Prestige Perks:

  • Miner
    • Prestige 1:
      • /night vision - Permanent night vision
    • Prestige 2:
      • /haste - Permanent haste 2
    • Prestige 3:
      • Pickaxe does not lose durability
  • Digger
    • Prestige 1:
      • /filter - When active, player will pick up only specific items that were already in the inventory prior to the command being activated.
    • Prestige 2:
      • /walkspeed 1 (or 2) -Toggles player’s walking speed.
        • /walkspeed 1 is default walking speed.
        • /walkspeed 2 is increased walking speed.
    • Prestige 3:
      • Shovel does not lose durability
  • Farmer
    • Prestige 1:
      • /farmpickup - Broken crops will instantly enter player’s inventory. (WARNING: NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL AS OF NOW)
    • Prestige 2:
      • /replant - Broken crops will automatically replant at an advanced stage of growth (WARNING: NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL AS OF NOW)
    • Prestige 3:
      • /instaharvest - Break crops in 3x3 area centered around the player. (Only breaks crops on the same Y-level as player.)
  • Chef
    • Prestige 1:
      • Access to Brewery plugin.
    • Prestige 2:
      • /buffet - Hunger bar will not deplete.
    • Prestige 3:
      • Increase in Chef income.
  • Builder
    • Prestige 1:
      • /top - Teleport to the highest open block at player’s coordinates.
      • /jump - Teleport where player’s crosshairs are aimed.
    • Prestige 2:
      • /concrete - Instantly convert concrete powder into concrete
    • Prestige 3:
      • /instabreak - Blocks will instantly break when hit.
        • Instabreak will not break containers, obsidian, or bedrock.
        • Blocks broken with instabreak active will not give income.
  • Adventurer
    • Prestige 1:
      • Increase in Adventurer exp and income.
    • Prestige 2:
      • /flyspeed 1 (or 2) - Toggles player’s flying speed.
        • /flyspeed 1 is default flight speed.
        • /flyspeed 2 is increased flight speed.
    • Prestige 3:
      • Retain inventory in overworld upon death.
        • Active in Kingdoms or Resource only. Player does not retain inventory in Nether or End.
  • Aquaman
    • Prestige 1:
      • Increased in Aquaman income.
    • Prestige 2:
      • Ability to purchase elder guardian spawner on /spawner shop.
        • Spawner speed of elder guardian spawner is 1 minute and 30 seconds.
    • Prestige 3:
      • /breathe - Permanent water breathing:
      • /dry - Auto smelt your wet sponges in your inventory
  • Hellboy
    • Prestige 1:
      • /hellskin - Toggle permanent fire protection.
    • Prestige 2:
      • Ability to purchase ghast spawner on /spawner shop.
        • Spawning speed of ghast spawner is 1 minute and 30 seconds.
    • Prestige 3:
      • /devil - Player will now heal when on fire.
  • Enderboy
    • Prestige 1:
      • Falling into the void will teleport player to server spawn instead of dying.
    • Prestige 2:
      • Ability to purchase enderman spawner on /spawner shop.
        • Spawning speed of enderman spawner is 40 seconds.
    • Prestige 3:
      • Player is now able to fly in the End.
  • Wizard
    • Prestige 1:
      • ability to bypass /back, /home, /wild and /resource delay in teleportation
    • Prestige 2:
      • ability to buy mooshroom and panda spawners in spawner shop.
    • Prestige 3:
      • /peffect [effect] [level], which allows you to effect yourself with the named effect, max duration of 1min.
        Available effects:
      • /beacon [effect] [level], makes the player into a beacon for one specified status effect at the max vanilla level (usually II, but might be I), effecting themselves and any other player in a 40 block radius, but only positive effects (so not levitation, poison, hunger, wither, slowness, unluck). The beacon lasts 1 minutes, and the command has a cooldown of 1 min.
        Available effects:
  • Woodcutter
    • Prestige 1:
      • Increase job income.
    • Prestige 2:
      • Axes don’t take any durability damage.
    • Prestige 3:
      • <"Still being worked">
  • Blacksmith
    • Prestige 1:
      • Refinement chance total increase by 5%.
      • Increase income.
    • Prestige 2:
      • Refinement chance total incease by 11%.
      • /fix all.
    • Prestige 3:
      • Refinement chance total increase by 19%.
      • Armors doesn’t take any durability damage, toggleable by /abreak.

Default & Store Bought In-Game Ranks:

Warrior - The default rank that all players receive to start with upon joining the server.

  • Auction limit of 1
  • 3 /sethomes
  • Warrior kit (using /kit)
  • /heads command
  • /trade (username) command
  • /recipe command
  • /trash command

Knight - Purchasable for $25,000 upon playing on the server for 12 hours.

  • Auction limit of 3
  • 5 /sethomes
  • Knight kit (using /kit)
  • /craft command

Hero - Purchasable for $100,000 upon playing on the server for 2 days.

  • Auction limit of 5
  • 7 /sethomes
  • Hero kit (using /kit)
  • /pweather command
  • /xpbottle command
  • /marry command (must have a staff member marry you and your desired partner)
  • /antidrop command

Legend - Purchasable for $300,000 upon playing on the server for 5 days..

  • Auction limit of 7
  • 9 /sethomes
  • Legend kit (using /kit)
  • /fly command
  • /hat command
  • [item] usable to show an item in chat
  • /confirmdrop command (coming soon!)

Mystic - Purchasable for $600,000 upon playing on the server for 10 days or purchasable in the shop here!

  • Auction limit of 9
  • 12 /sethomes
  • Mystic kit (using /kit)
  • /slimechunk command
  • /ride command
  • /condense & /uncondense usable to show an item in chat
  • /near command
  • Ability to create colored text in signs/books.

Immortal - Purchasable in the shop here!

  • Auction limit of 12
  • 15 /sethomes
  • Immortal kit (using /kit)
  • /fix command (cooldown of 30 minutes)
  • /enderchest (or /ec) command
  • /ptime command
  • /scrollpaint command
  • Ability to join a full server

Celestial - Purchasable in the shop here!

  • Auction limit of 15
  • 20 /sethomes
  • Celestial kit (using /kit)
  • /nick command
  • /rename command (for items)
  • /pv 1 (3 rows only) (personal vault)
  • /ptime command
  • Ability to edit armor stands.

Overlord - Purchasable in the shop here!

  • Auction limit of 18
  • 25 /sethomes
  • Overlord kit (using /kit)
  • /fix command (cooldown of 15 minutes)
  • 2 /pv (personal vaults)
  • /feed command
  • /glow command
  • /tptoggle command
  • Ability to keep XP upon dying.

Sovereign - Purchasable in the shop here!

  • Auction limit of 22
  • 30 /sethomes
  • Sovereign kit (using /kit)
  • /fix command (cooldown of 3 minutes)
  • 6 /pv (personal vaults)
  • /heal command (cooldown of 30 seconds)
  • /skin command (update|skin|off)
  • +10% McMMO XP boost

The following ranks are NOT for sale:

Discord Moderator - The Discord Moderator is N/A. He handles all rank updates, and is around to answer questions and handle issues that may arise on the server Discord. This rank is unobtainable at this time.

Helper - Helpers help out the server voluntarily by punishing rule breakers, helping community members, and responding to any questions or concerns the community may have. The list of staff members can be found here, and you can apply for Helper here. Be sure to read the FAQ, as well as ensuring that you meet the requirements and follow the template found here!

Moderator - This rank is given to Helpers who have excelled in their staff role. They are the go-to staff members who help with more in-depth tasks such as handling punishment appeals, ensuring that Helpers are using their permissions appropriately and staying on-task, handling rollbacks, etc.

Admin - Admins are in charge of handling all player and server related issues that are beyond a Moderator's control. The current: @JustAPrank_Bro nd Snookems2000.

Owner - The owner of ApeironMC is @Getblock. He owns the server and all of its content and services. Getblock selects the plugins that are on the server and has the final decision on how everything looks and runs on the server. This rank is unobtainable at this time.


A majority of the money generated on ApeironMC comes from player jobs. All jobs are free for players to join, and players may have up to three jobs at a time. It is highly recommended for all players to join up to the maximum number of jobs available to them at a time.

  • A player can have a maximum of 3 jobs, but can take up to 4 jobs once finished with /collectibles.
  • To join a job, simply do /jobs browse. This will open up a GUI that provide a summary of how each jobs earns money, and at what rate. The currently available jobs are as follows:
    • Miner - Mine in the overworld
    • Farmer - Plant and harvest crops
    • Digger - Dig in the overworld
    • Chef - Cook and craft food
    • Builder - Build structures
    • Adventurer - Explore the world and slay mobs
    • Aquaman - Fish and explore the oceans
    • Hellboy - Mine, explore, and slay mobs in the Nether
    • Enderboy - Mine, explore, and slay mobs in the End
    • Wizard - Enchant Equipment and books, and brew potions
    • Blacksmith - Fix and craft equipment, and smelt ores
    • Woodcutter - Cut down trees
  • Money and experience points will be gained when performing jobs. The rate of money earned from doing jobs will increase as the player levels up the job with experience.
  • Job levels cap out at 75. Leaving a job before reaching level 75 will result in a 40% overall experience loss in that job.
  • When a job reaches level 75, players have the option to prestige in it. For more information on prestige jobs, please see the Jobs Prestige section of the wiki.
  • Jobs boosters are single-use items that are obtainable from either voting crates, boost crates, or tradeable from other players. Boosts come in two types, Income and Experience. Each of these boosts come in two levels, major and minor. These levels have different durations and multipliers.
    • Major Income Boost: x3 multiplier, 10 minute duration
    • Major XP Boost: x2 multiplier, 10 minute duration
    • Minor Income Boost: x2 multiplier, 30 minute duration
    • Minor XP Boost: x1.5 multiplier, 30 minute duration

Auction House

AuctionHouse allows players to post items for sale on the auction house for free, accessible using the /ah command.

  • Players have a limited number of item postings on the Auction House. As players rank up, they will be able to have more postings active at a time. For more information, refer to either /ranks in-game or the Ranks section of the wiki.
  • The following commands are used to use the Auction House:
    • /ah - Access the auction house
    • /ah <price> - Posts the item/stack held in the main hand on the Auction House for the set price.
    • /ahall <price> - Posts the item/stack held in the main hand and all other identical items in the inventory on the Auction House for the set price.
    • /ahsearch <name>> - Searched the Auction House for all items that contain the entered keyword.
    • /ah <price>> <increment>> <buyout>> - Sets up the item/stack held in hand for bidding.
  • To buy from the Auction House, double-click on the desired item. Money will automatically transferred from buyer to seller, and the item will be placed in the buyer’s inventory.
  • To remove a self-posted item from the Auction House, right click on the item posted.
  • To bump a self-posted item to the top of the Auction House, left click the item.
  • Items that expire or are removed from sale on the Auction House are sent to the Expired Items menu, which is accessed by clicking the chest in the lower right corner or using /aexpired.

Player Shops

ApeironMC uses a chest shop plugin to allow players to buy and sell items. To set up a chest shop, simply place a sign on a chest by shift-clicking. The formatting of the sign should be as follows:

  • Line 1: <Player’s Username>
  • Line 2: <Quantity of item per purchase or sell>
  • Line 3: B<amount>:S<amount> (B is the price the the item is bought from the chest shop for, and S is the price the item is sold to the chest shop for.)
  • Line 4: <item name> (Check the item’s name by using /iteminfo.)


Please be advised that the prices of items sold on the Auction House or player chest shops should not greatly exceed prices listed on the server shop on /shop. Additionally, do not drop items too far below price, i.e. Selling diamonds for $10 a stack when the current market sells at $9000 a stack. Pricing items this way may warrant a warning from staff, as doing so may hurt the player economy.


Collectibles are rare items with lore that can be collected to get special rewards. Getting all the required materials for collectibles is a daunting task. However, the rewards available upon completion are valuable, making the effort to complete them worthwhile. The rewards are as follows:

  • The player now can join a 4th job in addition to their original 3.
  • The player now has a toggleable star with their rank tag in chat to signify that they have completed collectibles.
  • Players will also receive access to 2 player vaults. Player vaults are double chests that can be accessed anywhere, much like enderchests. They can be opened by using /pv <number>.
    • Players with the Overlord rank will receive 2 extra pv’s (for a total of 4), since they already have access to two with the rank.
    • Players with the Sovereign rank will get 6 extra pv’s (for a total of 12).

Obtaining Collectibles

Collectibles can be obtained by completing quests. Quests of different rarities will drop different collectibles. The drops are as follows:

  • Common - Togepi’s Egg (Turtle Egg)
  • Uncommon - Aquaman’s Heart (Heart of the Sea) and Star of the Century (Nether Star)
  • Rare - No Name (Glistering Melon) and Purple Grapefruit (Popped Chorus Fruit)
  • Epic - Frankenstein’s Head (Zombie Head), Flower of Bliss ( Pink Tulip) and Whispering Shell (Nautilus Shell)
  • Legendary - All collectibles

Below is an image of the /collectibles menu, with all 8 collectibles.

Depositing Collectibles

In addition to the collectible itself, each collectible has certain items that must be collected to fully complete each collectible. To receive the reward for collectibles, all 8 collectibles must be gathered along with their corresponding materials. Doing /collectible will show a GUI of the list of collectibles and their corresponding materials. To deposit collectibles or materials, simply click on the collectible in the GUI that the collectible or material is listed under. The required items will then be automatically removed from the inventory.

What are Warps?

Warps teleport you to a predefined location. Admin warps are warps made by the server, such as ‘/warp events’ and ‘/warp pvp.’ Player-warps, on the other hand, are warps that are created by players. Players can set warps at their personal grinders, farms, shops, etc for other players to easily access!

Using Warps

/warp - Opens up the warp GUI.

Admin warps are only at the top of the first page in this GUI. All warps after these admin warps are made by players.

The player warps are sorted based on visits. The more people who visit a warp, the higher it appears on the list. Players who own warps can define what category their warp falls in (for example Grinder/Shop).

You can choose to only view certain categories of warps. To toggle through various categories, click the anvil in the /warp GUI.

/warp [warpname] - Teleports you to a specific warp.

After you become familiar with the names of various warps, you can use /warp [warpname] to teleport to a specific warp instead of using the /warp GUI.

Creating Warps

To create a warp, you must first buy a warp token. These cost $6,000,000 in-game money or $5 USD.

/shop others - Directs you to a page to buy warp tokens for $6,000,000 in-game money.

/buy - Directs you to our donation store to buy warp tokens for $5 USD. Click the “Others” tab to buy a warp token.

/mywarp - If you have a warp token, click the Heart of the Sea on the bottom of the GUI and it will prompt you to input your new warp’s name.

After typing the name in chat, your warp will be created! Players can teleport to your warp via /warp [warpname].

Maintaining and Editing Warps

/mywarp - Opens up a GUI to access your own warps.

In the My Warps GUI, click on a warp icon to access an editor menu. Click the various icons to:

  • Change Warp Location - Stand at the new location and click this button.
  • Change Warp Name - Click this button and type the new warp name in your chat.
  • Change Description - Click this button to edit your warp’s description. You will be directed to another menu, where you can click 3 signs. Each sign edits a different line of your description with a maximum total of 3 separate lines.
  • Change Warp Icon (Item) - Click this button to change your warp’s icon to another minecraft item/block. Type the name of the new item in your chat. Click here to see all possible items.
  • Change Warp Icon (Head) - Click this button to change your warp’s icon to a player’s head. You must know the name of the player whose head you’d like to choose. Type the player’s username in chat to change.
  • Change Warp Type - Click this button to change your warp’s type. You will be directed to another GUI where you can choose up to 3 types. Click an icon to enable/disable that type.
  • Toggle Maintenance Mode - Click this button to allow/disallow players to access your warp. When maintenance mode is toggled on, players can still view your warp on the /warp GUI, but they will not be able to teleport there.


ApeironMC features a shop where spawners for almost all mobs are purchasable. The system allows players to purchase and move spawners easily. To buy spawners, spawner shards are required, along with in-game money. To access the spawner shop, simply do /spawner shop. Below is an example of the Spawner Shop GUI:

Spawner Shards

Spawner Shards are required to buy spawners in the Spawner Shop. Each spawner has a certain number of shards required to buy it. Spawner Shards are obtainable as a voting reward, from mining naturally-generated spawners or as a possible reward from completing a Quest. You can also use the Spawner Shard to access the Spawner Shop by right clicking with it in the hand (This does not consume the Shard).

Mining Spawners

Silk touch enchanted tools are not required to mine spawners. Any pickaxe, enchanted or unenchanted, can mine a spawner. In the case of a wild spawner, the player will receive 1 Spawner Shard for mining a Zombie Spawner, 3 for Blaze Spawner, 4 for Magma Cube Spawner and 2 Spawner Shard for other Spawner in their inventory upon successfully mining one. However, mining a player-placed spawner will drop the spawner itself, rather than shards.

Upgrading Spawners

Spawners can be upgraded using Spawner Shards to increase their effectiveness. Spawners can be upgraded up to level in each of two categories, Range and Speed. Upgrading spawner Range will increase the maximum distance that a player must stand away from a spawner for it to activate. Upgrading spawner Speed will increase the rate of spawning of the spawner.

To upgrade a spawner, the player must look directly at the spawner, and type /spawner upgrade. A GUI will open displaying the two categories that the spawner can be upgraded in. Click on the desired aspect to upgrade, and the Spawner Shards required to buy that upgrade will be automatically taken from the inventory.

Spawner Tips

Sometimes players may have minor difficulties with using spawners. Some things to take note of are:

  • Some spawners will require a certain clearance above it, usually two blocks.
  • Spawners for some passive and friendly mobs, such as farm animals, will only spawn mobs on grass blocks.
  • Upgrading spawners will require the player to look through air. Attempting to upgrade a spawner underwater will fail, as the player will be looking at water.


Brewing allows players to experiment and create custom consumables.To obtain access to Brewery, you must achieve Prestige One in the Chef job. Brews can provide buffs such as Speed, Haste, and more, but may also come with detriments, such as drunkenness and difficulty controlling the player character. Although dependent on recipe, Brewing may be difficult and/or time consuming. Some recipes require precision, whereas others may allow a larger margin of error. When working with recipes that require precision, any step that is insufficient may lead to negative side effects (ie. Hangovers).

Brewing Instructions

Step One: Fermenting
  1. Place a cauldron over a fire.
  2. Fill the cauldron with water.
  3. Add ingredients by right-clicking the side of the cauldron with the ingredient. Be advised that clicking the water may place the block on the cauldron.
  4. Wait for the ingredients to finish fermenting. This time is listed under “Cooking Time” for the recipe. Right-Click the cauldron with a clock to see how long the brew has been fermenting.
  5. Right-click the cauldron with 3 empty bottles to collect the brew.
Step Two: Distilling
  1. Place 1 glowstone dust into the top slot of the Brewing Stand. This is known as the “filter.” The glowstone dust will not be consumed.
  2. Place the brews into the bottom 3 slots of the Brewing Stand. Hover over the brews to see how many distill runs the brew has gone through.
  3. Remove brews when distilling is complete.
Step Three: Aging
A barrel is required to age brews. There are two different barrel sizes, each of which can be created from any wood type. Some recipes may require a specific wood type to be used for the barrel. The entire barrel must be built using wood of the same type.

A small barrel is created using 8 wooden stairs, and 1 sign. The sign is placed on the bottom right corner, and must have ‘Barrel’ written on the top line. A large barrel is created from 5 wooden fences, 15 wooden planks, 12 wooden stairs (all of the same type), and 1 sign. The sign is placed in the center of one end of the barrel above the “spigot,” and must have “Barrel” written on the top line.

After the barrel is created, the player may deposit brews into them. The aging process is measured by days. Days refers to minecraft days (20 minutes), which appear as years on the barrel (ie. 3 days = 60 minutes = “Three Years Barrel Aged”)

Important Information:
  • Players cannot make a brewing shop with Chestshops.This is because every brew, even those from the same batch, have a different Item ID.
  • Refrain from having something in the offhand while brewing as it may be inserted into the cauldron or barrel.
  • Do not break any part of the barrel. Doing so will require the player to reset the barrel. If a barrel is broken, the brews inside will begin to leak out.

Questing System

Common Scrolls - Chance: 71.6% Possible Rewards:

  • 5 Mcmmo Credits
  • 37k Money
  • 2 Spawner Shards
  • 1 Vote Key
  • 1 Event Key
  • Mystic Kit
  • Topegi’s Egg (Collectible)
  • Uncommon Crystal (Automatically finishes a task in uncommon tier)

Uncommon Scrolls - Chance: 20% Possible Rewards:

  • 20 MCMMO Credits
  • 1 Major McMMo Boost
  • 1 Major Jobs Exp Boost
  • 130k Money
  • 8 Spawner Shards
  • 1 Event Key
  • Celestial Kit
  • 2 Vote keys
  • Aquaman’s Heart (Collectible)
  • Star of the Century (Collectible)
  • Rare Crystal (Automatically finishes a task in Rare tier)

Rare Scrolls - Chance: 7% Possible Rewards:

  • 35 MCMMO Credits
  • 350k Money
  • 10 Spawner Shards
  • 5 Vote keys
  • 2 Event keys
  • 1 Major Jobs income Boost
  • 1 Minor Jobs income Boost
  • No Name (Collectible)
  • Purple Grapefruit (Collectible)
  • Epic Crystal (Automatically finishes a task in Epic tier)

Epic Scrolls - Chance: 1% Possible Rewards:

  • 70 MCMMO Credits
  • 550k Money
  • 3 Event Keys
  • Frankenstein’s Head (Collectible)
  • Whispering Shell (Collectible)
  • Flower of Bliss (Collectible)
  • Legendary Crystal (Automatically finishes a task in Legendary tier)

Legendary Scrolls - Chance: 0.4% Possible Rewards:

  • 1.4Million In Game Money
  • 40 Spawner Shards
  • 100 MCMMO Credits
  • 1 Shulker Spawner
  • 15 Vote Keys
  • 7 Nether Stars
  • 1 Dragon Egg
  • All Collectibles